Facilities/ Operations management

RJ Consulting seeks to develop a real affinity with the culture of an organization. As a selected service partner we aim to maintain the highest standards while delivering financial efficiencies through innovative solutions.

It's a new business environment

The accelerating pace of corporate change, new technology and intense business competition are by necessity driving new, imaginative business strategies - generating solutions that are innovative, highly flexible and cost-effective.

Successful companies have learned to focus on their core activities and outsource the essential, but non-core tasks to strategic service partners. It makes sense cutting costs, streamlining procedures, freeing up time. Enabling a business to concentrate on what it does best. Allowing you the space to breathe, achieve proper focus and improve your own business performance.

But outsourcing is not simply about unloading non-core distractions. There are also strong, positive, strategic reasons for managing your business this way.

A comfortable, reassuring and ordered working environment is key to motivating individuals and encouraging efficient working practices. A well-planned and managed working environment can energize people and act as a catalyst in the business process. Our objective is to help you realize your business ambitions through a partnering philosophy.

Total Business Solution

Our roots lie in four core skill sets:

  • Facilities Management.
  • Operations Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Energy and Environmental Management.

Individually, they make us a very powerful service provider, but forged together they form a truly potent total business solution. And we believe that the blend of hard and soft services plus the power to deliver real added value, brings something special to our customers.