Life Science

The Life Sciences industry is under increasing pressure to compete on cost, while still delivering the most effective medicines and medical devices to the market under increasingly regulated conditions. Pressure from the far East, from generics, and from a saturated market have forced most companies to look at their internal cost structure, in manufacturing, quality, sales, marketing, R&D and in their overall networks. At Tefen, we have worked with the world's leading Life Sciences companies to help transform their operations to become faster, more stable and more cost effective, and the results speak for themselves. Projects result in 30% reduction in operating cost over 3 yeas, 50% reduction in overall lead-time and significant sales improvement.

Aviation & Transportation

Aviation and transportation companies face major operational challenges, in particular how to accommodate tremendous growth while maintaining service levels and profitability in highly competitive and volatile markets. Tefen is helping some of the worlds best known aviation and transportation companies to expand their operations while remaining flexible and ensuring that customer services are maintained and improved.

Financial services

A confluence of technology, information, and regulatory changes are placing significant pressure on fees and margins. Retail banks are seeing an erosion of traditional branch-based services, while advisory services by investment banks are becoming a commodity. With the value of customer retention and profit margins being greater than before, firms are turning to Tefen's performance excellence programs to solve a host of challenges. Tefen programs in the retail and investment banks and with insurance companies result in business growth and service level improvement while reducing operational costs.

Energy & Utilities

Operating within tough regulatory frameworks electricity, gas and water companies are constantly seeking new ways to improve the value for money of their services. Tefen's expertise in service operations is helping some of the world's most successful energy and utilities companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer services.

Health Care

To remain competitive, healthcare organizations must find the optimal balance between patient service level and cost of operations. Tefen provides a full suite of innovative solutions to help navigate the constantly changing patient-care environment. Using tools such as Lean/Streamlined Operations, Layout Design, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Advanced Patient Scheduling, Patient Complaint Management, Resource Optimization and Inventory Management will help facilities maximize revenue, reduce costs, and increase service levels. Tefen programs in the healthcare industry result in immediate result and long lasting performance excellence platforms.


Facing a the saturating market result in a fierce price competition, a telecommunication company must continuously improve customer service and reduce operational costs to maintain its competitive edge. Tefen's programs are aimed to reducing costs while achieving the company's strategic goals and objectives. Tefen's unique integrated approach to strategic planning, project management, and organization establishment has been proven to be very successful in bringing new and existing network operators on line, on time, and on budget.

General Manufacturing

Lean Operation, Six Sigma and Cost Reduction methodologies are used in a unique, integrated approach to maximize people, equipment, facilities, and capacity for our manufacturing clients. The globalization of manufacturing capabilities has forced the marketplace to reduce unit costs. This necessitates that organizations reduce inventory and improve cycle and lead times, from order entry all the way through to the finished product. Such challenges often result in considerable scheduling disruption and consequential OEE losses caused by shorter batches and increased numbers of changeovers. Tefen's Performance Excellence programs systematically solve these issues, creating a continuous improvement culture. These programs have been proven with manufacturing leaders to maximize the efficient use of human capital and equipment processes in highly competitive sectors.


Logistics can be the least cost-effective link within your Supply Chain. Often, the need to meet demanding customer-delivery schedules contradicts the desire for cost effectiveness. Facility layout, inventory, and supplier management also play a crucial role in the success of on-time services. Tefen's Logistics programs contain some of the leading experts in Supply Chain Consulting. By treating the Logistics function as a crucial element to streamlining the Supply Chain, Tefen unleashes the potential of our clients while improving profitability.

Public Sector

Behind the everyday services that modern society takes for granted lies some of the biggest challenges in operations management. In addition, public sector professionals the world over face a constant issue: how to meet growing operational demands with the same or less resources. Tefen is helping many the world's largest public service providers respond by creating safer, more efficient and more economic service operations.