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Moroccan Teapot the sign  of hospitality
Tea is an integral part of Moroccan hospitality and daily life. Moroccans jokingly refer to it as Moroccan "whiskey" and many claim it is their only vice. As much as the consumption of tea is an obsession, so too is the ritual preparation and serving. A critical component to this process is the proper selection of a pot, glasses and tray to serve them on.

Moroccan Weeding

Before the wedding, a team of chefs arrives to prepare the meals, and the family employs group of women who devote themselves to making the bride look her best. They dress her in a traditional Moroccan wedding gown of brightly colored silk, overlaid by a sheer gown embroidered with gold thread. Jewels are arranged to cascade around her face, and makeup highlights her eyes. , she gets to be a queen!!!

the bride  have a ceremonial purification milk bath before a ritual henna painting  of her hands and feet. Originally, this purification and painting was the wedding ceremony in Arab lands some 200 years ago. Modern Morrocan brides continue this tradition by annointing the palm of guests with a unique smear, called the henna.

In the late afternoon or early evening, simultaneous parties are held at the home of the bride and the groom. The two families and their guests celebrate well into the night with a feast, music and dancing. Sometime after midnight, the groom leaves his home and proceeds to the home of the bride. He is accompanied by his guests, as they sing, beat drums and dance.

What is  Fantasia
There is one particularly stunning and exciting event that has taken its rightful place among the more noteworthy examples of traditional folklore in Morocco, those demonstrations popular customs of which Morocco is so famous and which stimulates tourists to come and to see for themselves; that even is the Fantasia.

The horsemen line up in close ranks, and no sooner has one wave of riders left than the next is ready to follow; the impression is that of surging waves of galloping hooves. 

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